Ocean Plastic Forum at Ajour 2022

Nov 30, 2022 | Event

For the fourth consecutive year, Ocean Plastic Forum was represented at the marine engineers’ trade conference, Ajour, held in Odense on November 24th and 25th, 2022. In addition to presenting Ocean Plastic Forum’s projects and expertise, we are proud to have represented Denmark’s first joint stand for producers of ocean plastic products.

The products are made from recycled ocean plastic from the companies STRANDET, Grathwol, Copenhagen Cartel, Plastix A/S, Manga Street, and Omhu.


Member of OCean Plastic Forum since 2019, STRANDET, works to increase the focus on the ocean plastic waste problem, and they have a large range of products made from 100% recycled ocean plastic from Danish shores.


Our member, Grathwol, has many years of experience within many different types of packaging with expertise for more sustainable packaging solutions. At the Ajour trade conference, we were able to showcase packaging bottles of recycled ocean plastic.

Copenhagen Cartel

Formerly a successful participant on the DR1 program “Løvens Hule,” Copenhagen Cartel produces stylish sportswear and swimwear primarily made from recycled nylon from old fishing nets. This member is acutely aware that the fashion industry is one of the biggest climate offenders, especially when it comes to water consumption. That’s why the company has developed a new material, OCN WEED, made from an innovative seaweed fiber that is highly water-efficient compared to conventional cotton. At Ajour 2022, participants were able to see and feel some of the clothing from Copenhagen Cartel, which many were surprised to learn could be made with such high quality, given that it is primarily made from collected fishing nets.


Plastix is working to supply and promote green plastic in Denmark and the rest of the world. The company processes plastic from, among other things, fishing nets, which are then used in many of our other members’ products. The recycled plastic is primarily used for packaging products, which are displayed at Ajour.

Manga Street

Artist and industrial designer, Julie Storm, is the owner and founder of Manga Street, where she designs and sells multifunctional furniture and planters for the public space. The product line Scoop & Scoopi Ocean is made from 50% worn-out fishing nets. Manga Street is a member of Ocean Plastic Forum and has just received the prestigious Prize Designs Award for its work, which will be exhibited at the fair.


Daniel and Katrine from Omhu are both surfers with a strong passion for the ocean, people, and sciety. Omhu is an NGO, who is working to give new life to ocean plastic waste from the Danish West Coast.