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Ocean Plastic Forum is a non-profit organisation established in 2017 and hosted by the Danish Engineers’ Association (Maskinmestrenes Forening).

Currently, our activities are mainly funded by the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond) as part of the Next Step: From Sea to Shelf programme. Additionally, we receive smaller contributions from our members who pay a yearly membership fee of between 1,000 and 10,000 DKK.

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Funded by the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond)

Many of the operations and projects of Ocean Plastic Forum are part of the initiative Next Step: From Sea to Shelf.

Funded by the Danish Industry Foundation (Industriens Fond), Project Next Step: From Sea to Shelf is set up to increase the upcycling of ocean plastic waste by engaging all links in the value chains – from collection to cleaning, sorting, processing, and design – and hereby strengthening the commercial basis of upcycling.

Our members and sponsors

Ocean Plastic Forum is a association of 40 members, consisting of interest groups, NGO´s, universities and a number of companies, who all share the same concern about plastic pollution in our oceans. Our member are our biggest asset in bringing our vision of clean oceans to life. 

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