Clean-up of ghost nets from marine national parks

Ocean Plastic Forum has committed to applying for funding for the project of a clean-up of ghost nets and derelict fishing gears in the Danish marine national parks of Lillebælt and Øresund with the aim of creating new products from old fishing nets and raising awareness about the importance of the ocean for all of us.

Collection of DFG in Baltic Sea

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Derelict fishing gear is the technical term for what is perhaps commonly known as “ghost nets” or “ghost fishing”. The phenomenon occurs when fishers lose fishing nets in the ocean. These nets pose an array of issues for nature: It can harm the marine wildlife that gets trapped in the nets. Since nets are often made from plastic, they also pollute the aquatic sphere with microplastics when they deteriorate underwater.

In Denmark, the issue has received increased attention in recent years and became a political priority in 2021. In the same period, the Danish parliament decided to constitute two marine national parks in Danish waters.


This project aims to conduct effective clean-ups of derelict fishing gear in Danish waters that will have a positive impact on marine life and raise awareness of the ghost fishing issue.

Project description

Derelict fishing gear is a complex issue hiding below the surface. The planned project will require significant funding, which we are currently in search of. 

In essence, the project seeks to implement best-practice from projects such as the MARELITT Baltic project and conduct several clean-ups in Danish waters where the impact of derelict fishing gear is high.

While setting up an economically sustainable value chain around derelict fishing gear is difficult, we will strive to make the most of the materials we collect. Together with our partners, we will create new products using material from derelict fishing gear that can help raise awareness of the ghost fishing issue.


The project includes the following partners: 

Our members and sponsors

Ocean Plastic Forum is a association of 40 members, consisting of interest groups, NGO´s, universities and a number of companies, who all share the same concern about plastic pollution in our oceans. Our member are our biggest asset in bringing our vision of clean oceans to life. 

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