Plastic does not belong in our oceans

Let’s collect and recycle it

The ocean plastic problem

Ocean plastic is a complex and wicked problem – and so is fixing it. At Ocean Plastic Forum, we believe that ocean plastic is a resource that can and should be utilised as part of the circular economy.

Together with our members, we create value chains whereby ocean plastic is removed and recycled in a sustainable way – in Denmark and abroad.

We collect…

Our members have expertise in the design, supply, and operation of equipment needed for the recovery of ocean plastic waste.


Photo: Plastic waste collection barrier. DESMI (OPF member)

We sort and process…

Our members are experienced in handling, washing, shredding, and sorting difficult plastic waste.


Photo: Sorting system. Dansk Affaldsminimering (OPF member)

We upcycle…

Our members upgrade the sorted plastic waste to new, valuable raw materials for the plastic industry.


Photo: New plastic pellets. Ragn-Sells Danmark A/S (OPF member)

We make new products…

Our members turn upcycled ocean plastic waste into new products of high quality, supporting the transition to the circular economy.


Photo: New plastic products of recovered plastics. Produced by Plastix (OPF member) for Dantoy

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Who we are

Ocean Plastic Forum is an association with approx. 60 members consisting of interest groups, NGOs, universities and a wide range of companies, who wish to clean up our oceans by means of business models that remove ocean plastic and upcycle it into new products.

Our members

We want to be a strong platform for far-reaching ideas, concepts, and programs ultimately resulting in the fulfillment of our common goal: a cleaner maritime environment.

Lars Have Hansen

Chairman, Ocean Plastic Forum

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