People’s Meeting 2023: Greenwashing debate

Jun 28, 2023 | Event

In an intense debate at this year’s People’s Meeting on Bornholm, Ocean Plastic Forum addressed the issue of greenwashing of ocean plastic with a series of guests who agreed that the phenomenon should be avoided. However, they also pointed out that the many rules and guidelines in this area can be difficult to handle, especially for startups.

How can actors in the plastic industry navigate around and avoid the trap of greenwashing without underselling their products? With ocean plastic as the focal point, Ocean Plastic Forum invited a discussion on this very topic at the People’s Meeting.

The debate was a lively and intense affair, with moderator Søren Linding Jakobsen from Finans keeping control of an engaged panel and an inquisitive audience. The panel included Thomas Alstrup representing OPF, accompanied by Malene Høj Mortensen from Plastic Change, Thomas Drustrup from Plastindustrien, Rasmus Bessing from PFA, Katrine Lee Larsen from Copenhagen Cartel, and Vibeke Myrtue Jensen from Forbrugerrådet Tænk.

Based on the recent criticism of Copenhagen Cartel’s communication, the debate touched upon many important issues. Vibeke Myrtue from Forbrugerrådet Tænk, pointed out that greenwashing is a structural problem where there is insufficient sanctioning to create incentives for more accurate communication. Katrine Lee from Copenhagen Cartel highlighted the significant challenges associated with greenwashing that startups face. While there is agreement that greenwashing and misleading marketing should be avoided, it can be difficult to decipher all the rules and guidelines in this field, especially for startups that lack the necessary resources to seek external help in understanding and complying with the requirements. In this regard, Katrine Lee emphasized that it could risk draining the motivation and enthusiasm of new startups who want to make a positive difference.

We are pleased to have been present at this year’s People’s Meeting with such an important topic and to witness the great interest from both participants and spectators.

A big thank you to PFA for providing a great venue in their tent and to the support from the Industriens Fond, which made this event possible.