Ocean Plastic Forum’s participation in WATER DAY at COP27

Nov 15, 2022 | Current

Ocean Plastic Forum participated in the WATER DAY at this year’s COP27 located in Sharm El-Sheikh. In an online presentation, together with Ragn-Sells Group we helped shed light on how businesses can take action to avoid plastics ending up in the oceans. Program leader of Ocean Plastic Forum, Thomas Alstrup, highlighted that only 9 % of all produced plastic is currently recycled.

Aligned with the values of Ocean Plastic Forum, Thomas Alstrup emphasised the importance of the participation of businesses in the fight against ocean plastic pollution: “We need to find creative business models and solutions that assign a value to marine plastic in order to create incentives that bring the marine plastic back on shore for recycling.”

We are very excited to have been a part of COP27 and to get a chance to emphasize the urgent ocean plastic problem.