Collaboration with The Animation Workshop

Jun 20, 2023 | Current

In March 2023, we at Ocean Plastic Forum were contacted by a group of computer graphic students from The Animation Workshop in Viborg. The students were wrapping up their bachelor project: an Artbook for an original video game idea with focus on the design of the world.

The video game is called “Flood” and takes place 150 years from now when, due to a natural disaster, the sea-levels have increased exponentially. Almost all of Earth’s surface is covered with trash and plastic waste that previous generations left behind. In order to survive the extreme sea levels, the last survivors have gathered around the highest mountain chains in the world, the only places that still have land available.

After hearing about the work of OPF and our mission to reduce ocean plastic, the students decided to donate all the profit to contribute to OPF’s work. The students have released the following statement:

“The main message we wanted to leave with this project is that sooner or later we´ll all be forced to live in the environment we created for ourselves. We think it’s very important to create awareness about this theme, no matter the medium we are using. For this reason, we decided to print and sell the book within our school community and donate all the profit to Ocean Plastic Forum to help them in their noble mission.”

We are extremely proud of this collaboration. Samples from the beautiful work can be seen in the pictures below.