Ajour 2023

Dec 4, 2023 | Event

On November 23-24, Ocean Plastic Forum participated in the annual business conference Ajour.

Ajour is the meeting point for maritime engineers and others interested in management and technological innovation, aiming to strengthen their proffesional networks and prepare for future technical and commercial challenges.

This year was particulary special as, in collaboration with several of our members and other partners, we organized Denmark’s largest exhibition showcasing products made from ocean plastic and maritime plastic waste. The exhibition drew significant interest from numerous attendes, who stopped by to explore it and learn more about OPF’s activities.

The exhibition succesfully demonstrated to the more than 1000 conference attendes that ocean plastic can be tranformed into products that not only contribute to combating plastic pollution but are also functional, well-designed, and even suitable for mass production.

During the conference, OPF also announced our idea competition for students at the maritime engineering schools all over the country. The competition is aimed towards generating creative ideas and concrete project proposals to support OPF’s efforts in combating ocean plastic pollution, and increasing the recycling of plastic collected from the sea and beaches. We had many interesting conversations with the students, and look forward to seeing the outcome.

Read more about the competition here.